Saturday, November 10, 2012

Obama Cookie

Sylvia (Carter's mother), brought me a Obama cookie as an election joke (she is very Red). Apparently she got it of one of the nurses at her work, who is a very proud Obama supporter.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NYC Moments

A few weeks ago Carter and I spent a Sunday in NYC. We got the required 99c pizza.

And offcourse I made a trip downtown to Century 21 ( in addition to Carter going to his beloved coin store) but we also made a trip to one of Mum and I's favourite foodie places in NYC - Eataly. It is a fabulous Italian market, complete with six resturants/cafes including the essential NY roof top. You can buy fish, baking pans, coffee and the most devine desserts! It was busy busy as it was sunday brunch time therefore got a takeaway cake for a before lunch treat.

If you go to NYC its def worth a visit: 200 5th Ave, NYC
or the website:

Having eaten at Eataly before and not wanting to brave the crowds due to our brief visit, we found just outside Madison Sq Eats (a temporary market set up on i guess you would call it a road island/footpath).

Carter had some stew and some home brew beer (from Brooklyn). "Guy food". I had my Eataly cake and a banana and peanut butter marshmallow (which I thought would be awful but was surprisingly good).

Note: photo is of half eaten marshmallow which has crunch bits around it mmm yumm


Neiman Marcus and Target Christmas Collection

I am in love with these cute cookie cutters! The rest of the Neiman Marcus and Target Christmas Collection is also work a look, with some AMAZING designer creations (not on sale till 1 Decemeber though!).

Sunday, November 4, 2012

USA - The New Chapter

There has been a significant break in my posts over about the last year.  First it was the move from Christchurch to Wellington and more recently from Wellington to Tampa, Florida. In fact since moving here (3 months ago) I have not been very enthused about food because it is so difficult to get good basic ingredients (see my rant below). However I am slowly getting back into it after purchasing a Cusine Art food processor and Kitchen Aid free standing mixer (I couldn't get the good old english Kenwood here :( ). So watch out I will be back online!


An example - I can not get good puff pastry. The only thing close that the supermarket sells is "pie crusts" - which taste DISGUSTING like they are full of chemicals. Similarly it seems near impossible to get custard power (which I use in my melting moments), nor good quality dutched cocoa. Oh and don't even get me started on the bread! And don't think I have tried just one supermarket but Publix, Fresh Market, Whole Foods and Trader Joes (I will admit at Trader Joes I bought good quality NZ cheese!). Perhaps Americans don't bake like we do in NZ because Costco (a huge bulk warehouse club) doesn't even carry cocoa powder!