Monday, March 21, 2011

Little and Friday, Auckland

I have been having a blog break post quake... I think that rhymes....

Anyway getting back on track... A few weeks ago I finally got to Little and Friday, on Auckland's North Shore, for a fabulous morning tea (Note I believe they are now opening another L&F in Newmarket).

I had read reviews and seen their cupcakes in various magazines and, to be honest, I couldn't wait to try their cone shaped lamingtons to ensure they tasted as good as they looked.

On a somewhat damp Saturday morning the little neighbourhood cafe was packed. It is nestled in a somewhat shabby block of shops which back in their heyday would have been a busy spot. Its clean crisp white interior echos fashionable shabby chic, with mismatched white chairs and patterned plates as well as a milkcrate bookcase of beautifully wrapped treats to purchase.    

However first a savory treat was in order before my sweet finale. Lisa, Mum and I ordered savory pastries, topped with mushrooms or pesto and onion or encasing a mince and cheese pie filling. They were absolutely delicious, despite being eaten on a somewhat clumsy milk crate table (which I will say wasn't an easy task with flaky pastry!).

Three desserts were purchased and each taste tested. First was my chocolate lamington, second and third were two custard tarts with different fruit toppings (the apple one is pictured below). I believe mine was a real winner if you were a chocoholic, like myself, however Mum argued that hers may not have been as visually pleasing tasted divine.  

I intend to try and make my own cone shaped lamingtons (however I may tone down the chocolate rating, perhaps replacing the layers of chocolate ganche with a chocolate buttercream or replacing the chocolate cake with a traditional sponge cake).

I have added two links for you to browse and salivate over. 

If you are in Auckland I definitely recommend making time for morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea at Little and Friday even if its a quick stop in and take away.!/pages/Little-Friday/159309440759582?closeTheater=1


  1. I rarely go to the North Shore but I'd like to try this. Maybe if they're coming to Newmarket, I will get a chance.

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  3. Hi Lesley,
    Definatley worth a visit for some old fashioned baking!