Friday, January 13, 2012

I know I have been very vacant since I left Christchurch in late October. Since October, I have moved to Wellington,  been on a holiday to the USA and started a new job (my first real one). The holiday season is alway so busy I didn't seem to have time to post anything!

However the good news is that  Laura (my flatmate from last year...and can be seen in the cupcake party picture) is now my fellow blogger and food enthusiast.  Due to my move, and Laura becoming a fellow writer, the focus of the blog has moved more toward sharing recipes with one another (as now she is in Christchurch and I in Wellington) than documenting them for myself.

So as we start with a new year and focus I am sure Laura and I will start regularly posting again.

Happy belated New Year,
Chloe and Laura

PS. I also have tonnes of picture and recipes to share with you from the past few months!

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