Saturday, April 7, 2012

La Bella Italia, Petone, Wellington

Lydia and I went for dinner at La Bella Italia in Petone after work last friday. We enjoy some delish food! The highlights being the clam lingunie made with fruity olive oil and the rabbit rissoto.

We also had some yummy nibbly bits to start as well as the desserts pictured, which were a chocolate torte (which was like a bleeding heart) and a hazel nut meringue with a light custard.

Lydia and I really enjoyed it. We were served my the very charismatic owner a flamboyant Italian gentleman.

And we did a spot of shopping, as the restaurant is situated in a Italian food warehouse. I brought home some fabulous dried pasta. The food warehouse is open during the week for lunch and I believe only open on thursdays, fridays and saturdays for dinner (it was packed so it pays to book). The website is listed below:

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