Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Matterhorn, Wellington: Vanilla and Black Pepper Ice-cream

I went to Matterhorn in Wellington the other night and had a lovely pineapple souffle with vanilla and black pepper ice-cream. The pepper gave the sweet vanilla a nice spicy kick and I wanted to create something easy and similar.

As i couldn't be bothered with all the stirring or setting up the ice-cream machine I opted for a vanilla and black pepper creme brulee ice-cream. I used the creme brulee recipe, which I have posted on here in an earlier post, leaving out the toffee (sugar and water mixture) and raspberries and adding 3 teaspoons of freshly cracked black pepper. I then froze the mixtures after allowing them to cool in the fridge first (after cooking).

The result was surprisingly refreshing (I didn't bother to brulee the top, I just ran a knife around the container and turned it out onto a small plate!) serving it with a biscuit base, brandy snap and chopped up moro bar. 

- rest of plate explained below and in posts to come

Left: Caramelised pineapple pieces with french milk chocolate = Pineapple Lumps

Left Middle: Vanilla and Black Pepper Ice-cream with brandy snap, biscuit base and slices of moro bar = Moro Bar Medley

Right Middle: Blue Mergingue with White Chocolate, Raspberry and Gingernut Cheesecake laced with Butterscotch = Dream Bar

Right:  Dark chocolate mouse laced with Cointreau complete with Jaffa on top =Jaffas

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