Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Playing with Powder

I had another play with the Fresh As freeze dried fruit powder. I can tell you it is delicious in the butter cream filling of these melting moments. I tried both strawberry and passionfruit. Both were fabulous! I only used approx 1.5 teaspoons for a double batch of cookies.

Other ideas of how to use freeze dried fruit powder:

- I have used it in meringue mixture (I used black current), however this I find makes them a little chewy. I prefer to sprinkle it on top before cooking to add a hint of flavour

- Use it to flavour cream

- Restaurants often add a dusting or sprinkle of powder to either decorate the plate or add a hint of flavour.

- Use it to flavour cream etc.

- I have experimented with it in cupcake mix. The passionfruit didn't really work, however the strawberry was nice. Make sure you add enough (more than you would in icing as it is going to rise and cook) and I would reccomend using only flavours with strong tastes i.e. passionfruit did not have a very strong flavour.

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