Saturday, October 23, 2010

Change of A Kitchen

I haven't posted anything in a while due to exam prep and moving flats. However I thought I would share the result of the move and where I used to bake / cook compared to where I now have the delight of baking. This was quite exciting and believe it or not the kitchen was the HUGE selling point of the house to my two flatmates and I.

The two photos below show the kitchen at my old flat which was used by all six flat mates.

The picture below shows my new kitchen, complete with more cupboard space (for half the number of flatmates), dishwasher and even a little space for my mothers old retro Kenwood, which I so very love.

Above: Orange retro Kenwood in its cubby - (Note: fridge just temporary and microwave coming soon!... as you can probably tell was very excited by it all)
Below: Dishwasher!

The first thing I cooked was a batch of thank-you Hooky Pokey Biscuits (which I still have not mastered the art to the skill of Mary Bollard - Recipe: Edmonds Cookbook) and the Quickest Easiest One Bowl and Spoon Chocolate Cake (Recipe: On Blog) for my brother (Weston) and his two friends who helped me move.

Will post book cake recipe soon!


  1. What a lovely kitchen! Very envious. I see we have exactly the same Kenwood! Mine belonged to Nanny (mum's mother) so has been very well used but is still going strong. Aren't we lucky to get such awesome hand-me-downs?!

  2. Yes I love the retro orange kenwood. Amazing machines built to last, so daughters and grand-daughters can utilise them too! We are both very lucky with our hand-me-downs, they do the job perfectly. Some of my friends are very jealous.