Friday, October 29, 2010

"Mexican" Cheesecake

I think when you find a good recipe that works for you shouldn't be afraid to use it over and over again, perhaps with a few alterations. This was my attempt at making my White chocolate, Raspberry and Gingernut Cheesecakes laced with Butterscotch into something "Mexican". I.e. MINUS the Raspberry and Butterscotch PLUS candied limes (which I will admit this was my first attempt at making and were perhaps a little sour). In hindsight a splash of tequila would not have gone astray.

Perhaps not a typical "Mexican" dessert (theme for party was Mexican), but it was easy, could be made at 11pm the night before quickly, and was the first thing I made in the new kitchen (while half unpacked).

TIP: Always put the cheesecake in the fridge when you get to your host's house. If you don't the final result is a very soft/melted cheesecake. I learnt the hard way therefore there is no finish on the plate photo.

 I blamed leaving it on bench/ car while at supermarket not in fridge, Dane blamed "liquefaction" from the car ride/ over speed humps.


  1. Hehe it DID taste delicious despite the "liquefaction"! I will have to try this recipe - or your Mexican version of it ;)

  2. Lol thanks. Try the normal one without the liquefaction and you may be surprised how much better it tastes without being all gooey.