Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cookie Dough

Sometimes you just feel like eating a cookie.
There are none in the house.
You can't be bothered making one.
At this point I head to the frezzer!

Frozzen cookie dough is amazing! Its as easy as letting it defrost for half an hour (or if your in a hurry you can deforst it in microwave), slicing it up and whacking it in the oven.

I love raw cookie dough, so as you'd imagine when am overseas go straight for the Ben and Jerrys Cookie Dough Ice-cream.

This cookie got a bit crispy around the outside due to the timing issues. I guess just an off day! I hope you have better luck when you try it!

This dough was Melting Moment Cookie Dough but Oaty Chocolate Chunk Crisp Cookies work just as well! Anything which the butter is creamed should be fine to freeze.

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