Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Daisy

Yesterday I was one of the lucky to be invited to attend Daisy's first Birthday.

As I have some very pressing study to do (due to exams), I was not able to stay for long therefore Helen insisted I bring home a doggy bag. The treats inside, needless to say (as all the Lovely Wee Days girls were there) were perfect. They tasted even better than they looked, which I know is difficult to believe as they looked so exquisite they could have easily belonged (in plastic form) in Daisy's tea party set.

The lemon meringue tartlets were definitely my favourite (but perhaps that just my love for citrus coming out); the curd just sweet enough and the meringue nice and crisp.

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  1. Thanks for coming Chloe, so glad you enjoyed the treats. You will be loving that new kitchen, unbelieveable how you managed to bake such glamourous creations in that other incy wincy one....oh and did you know we have a retro orange Kenwood in the family too?! It was our Nanny's, and is now in the proud posession of Libby!