Monday, July 4, 2011

Capitol, Wellington

Yesterday Lucinda and I enjoyed an early Sunday brunch at 9.30am at Capitol (this is when Capitol opens on a Sunday). We were their first customers!

I had a delish french toast with salmon, cream fraish and capers and Lucinda baked eggs with white beans and chorizo. We both finished with a second strong coffee and a Florentine.

A perfect early Sunday morning!

I have been to Capitol often for brunch and dinner. I believe that it defiantly boosts the best brunch and perhaps the best casual dinner in Wellington.

The photo is not my friend and won't post the correct way up!


  1. I love Capitol for brunch! They always have lots of interesting-sounding choices - hard to choose sometimes! The baked beans sound lovely.

  2. Capitol is a fav of mine so, they are so consistent. Your breakfast sounds delicious. Blogger does that to my pics too sometimes, so annoying! Becs@LWD