Monday, July 25, 2011

A cold white day in Christchurch

Last weekend I was in the US and was experiencing temperatures 30C +. This weekend I am in NZ and have been experiencing temperatures of 0C -. I think when its cold outside some simple food defiantly serves as comfort food.

Heather, my flatmate and I decided our comfort food was marshmallows, hot chocolate and afghans. The following depicts our cold Sunday evening, plus I threw in some pictures of my snowman which I made (as Uni was closed for the day).

10.30pm Heather roasting Marshmallows in our fire, while watch The Good Wife (a perfect chilly Sunday night in)

Our letterbox, a little snowed under

11.45pm Sunday night - Heather came and got me out of bed to see the pretty powder outside

The street covered in snow (was much thicker the next morning when we woke up).

After a lazy day inside in front of the fire, I decided to clear off the deck and make a snowman.

Note: His mouth = a wedge of onion, his eyes = rasins and his nose = a garlic clove

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