Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Fav Recipe Book

One of my new favourite recipe books is Ottolenghi, which I purchased with my customer rewards from the University Bookstore. I was inspired to buy it by the Manley's but also it was in one of the weekend papers magazines.  

It is fabulous! So far I have made:
  • Fried scallops with saffron potatoes, asparagus and samphire - Really nice
  • Roast chicken with saffron, hazelnuts and honey - REALLY AMAZING
  • Roast chicken with sumac, za'atar and lemon
  • French beans and mangetout with hazelnut and orange
  • Pistachio shortbreads - Needed more sugar (I made it with 2 x Icing Sugar, Corn flour instead of Rice flour and 1 - 2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Bean Paste and it was beautiful. The cardamon makes it that little bit different)
  • Cauliflower and cumin fritters with lime youghurt - Nice

    My second attempt at the shortbread was down to this within 24hrs of being in the cookie jar!

And the sweet recipes which are on the "too make list over the next month" are below:
Pistachio and Rosewater Meringues
White Chocolate and Cranberry Biscuits
Blueberry Crumble Muffins

Witcoulus and Borders do not stock it, therefore perhaps buy it off line or at More Wilsons. However I will share a picture and recipe or two with you next time I make something.


  1. Weston told us how good the hazelnut chicken was so its now on my list of things to make! I bought my copy of the book from - have you ever looked at that website? The prices are fantastic! Especially with current exchange rates and delivery is free. I can't stop ordering cookbooks!

  2. Yes, the chicken is amazing! I bought another copy off fishpond with free shipping which worked out to be about $50? Is that about the same ballpark as bookdepository? ... because at the uni bookstore was $75 and Borders quoted $80. Will have a browse now? What other books have you bought off bkdep? Anything of note?

  3. I also bought the Bouke Street Bakery book for about NZ$45 which is really good! It's AU$80 at the bakery itself. Ottolenghi was about 21 pounds so NZ$45ish at the time. It's particularly good for UK books. Need to make sure if there are UK and American versions that you get the UK one (or are happy to convert measurements). I have a 10% off email I can forward to you to get an extra few pounds off!

  4. Made the hazelnut chicken tonight - so delicious! Put saffron in ($8 something for 40 strands at MW - eek!) but not sure it was necessary as so many other flavours. Have lots of hazelnuts so will make again soon.

  5. We had hazelnut chicken on Sunday too! Yes the saffron is ridiculous! More expensive than gold per pound apparently.

    I think it only really colours the dish a little in this case, however I have not yet decided to omit it because it does seem that little bit more exotic when you tell guests what is in it.