Monday, October 17, 2011

I heart you

I made this cake for my flatmate Laura. In fact i am waiting right now, to go and pick her up from the airport from her first overseas trip ever (to Melbourne). This is her welcome home cake.

I was given the tin from a dear friend of mine Lisa for my birthday and I have been yet to really utilise it, however I must say it is amazing! The cake I made was using my Nanny's (my mother's mother) Chocolate Cake recipe. It brought back many memories, as it was perhaps the first recipe (after scrambled eggs and corn fritters) I ever mastered.

My school friends will be particularly well acquainted with this chocolate cake recipe as it was my fallback recipe throughout high school. I will post the recipe tomorrow!

Carter told me that the heart shaped cake was so cool and that he wanted one when he was in NZ at Christmas!

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  1. Aw Chloe, it was such a delicious cake! Thank you so much for baking it for me!