Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dessert: Rosewater Vanilla Baked Peaches

Rosewater Vanilla Baked Peaches

This is a quick easy dessert which uses ingredients which are just in the pantry! I make it when I don't have flakey pastry in the fridge to make a Peach Tarte Tartin.

1 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Sugar
3 Teaspoons Rosewater
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Bean Paste
2 Teaspoons Vanilla Essence
4 Peaches, Stone removed and cut in half

1. Combine all ingredients but the peaches in an ovenproof saucepan and bring to the boil.

2. Place peaches face down in the syrup and simmer for 5 minutes.

3. Spoon syrup over and place in oven to bake for 15 minutes

4. Remove from oven and flip peaches over in pan.

5. Serve with ice-cream and fresh/frozzen raspberries.

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