Monday, February 28, 2011

Note: Cake Pops

Cake Pops have apparently taken the world by storm. In the UK and US they have become very popular as they can be decorated beautifully (google images Cake Pops and you will see what I mean). I decided to test out what they actually tasted like, not paying much attention to its aesthetic value. Sadley I was very disapointed.  

From my understanding by reading other recipes:
To make cake pops you make a cake (in my case a red velvet cake dyed black) and crumble it into icing (in my case chocolate icing). Mix it all up and roll it into balls. Allow to set in fridge. Pop a stick into each ball then dip in chocolate.

For all this effort, I did not think it was at all worth it! I would much rather have a chocolate truffle or in fact a slice of iced cake. The texture of these cake pops is what I think I did not enjoy.

They were also quite rich which surprised me, as red velvet cake has very little cocoa in it and the chocolate icing was not overly chocolatey. I think my parents chickens will be enjoying my Cake Pops tonight for their dinner.

I think I will make truffles on a stick (Truffle Pops) instead. As they are both delicious and able to be decorated beautifully.

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