Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Basics: Sweet Almond Pastry

Sweet Almond Pastry

Normally I would give all flour/sugar etc. measurements in Cups, Tablespoons, Dessertspoons and Teaspoons, however with pastry and bread it is much easier to use weight. Small pastry cases of this could be filled with lemon curd or chocolate ganche and toped with a strawberry.

160g Flour
50g Caster Sugar
35g Almond Meal
Zest of Lemon (Optional)
Pinch of Salt
115g Butter, Diced
1 Egg
1 Teaspoon Brandy or Rum
1 Teaspoon Milk

1. Whiz flour, sugar, almond meal, lemon, salt and sugar in the food processor (fitted with metal blade)

2. Whisk egg, brandy and milk together. Ppour into food processor feeding tube, and whizz together until just combined.

3. Remove from food processor bowl, roll into large ball, gladwrap and place in frige for at least an hour.

4. Roll out with a little flour to line tin, pie dish etc.

5. May be required to blind bake for 10 minutes depending on filling.

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